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Audit Committee

The audit committee is responsible for the review and supervision of the Company's financial reporting, risk management and internal monitoring systems, as well as assisting the Board in fulfilling its auditing duties. Currently, the committee consists of three independent non-executive directors, namely Mr. Fan Chun Wah, Andrew, Mr. Kan Chung Nin, Tony, and Mr. Ip Shu Kwan, Stephen. Mr. Fan Chun Wah, Andrew is the chairman of the audit committee.

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Remuneration Committee

The remuneration committee is mainly responsible for reviewing the remuneration packages of its executive directors and senior management. The committee currently has three members, two independent non-executive directors, namely Mr. Kan Chung Nin, Tony and Mr. Ip Shu Kwan, Stephen, and one executive director, namely Mr. Wong Wai Yue. Mr. Kan Chung Nin, Tony is the chairman of the remuneration committee.

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Nomination Committee

The nomination committee is mainly responsible for reviewing the structure, size, and composition of the Board on a regular basis and making suggestions to the Board regarding changes to corporate strategies. The committee currently consists of three members, including one executive director, namely Mr. Wong Wai Yue and two independent non-executive directors, namely Mr. Kan Chung Nin, Tony and Ms. Fan Chiu Fun, Fanny. Mr. Wong Wai Yue is the chairman of the nomination committee.

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Executive Committee

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